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Samantha interview by Times of India

What's your view on surgically engineered beauty given that you even inaugurated a liposuction clinic?

>> Every person is entitled to his/her opinion. However, we live once and have to live it to the fullest. For those of us who work in the glamour industry, there is immense pressure to look good at all times. God has created each one of us in a unique way, but there's always pressure to fit into the clichéd definition of beauty — you have to be a certain shape, your skin tone has to be a certain colour... that's how it works.

What was it like working with NTR Jr?

>> He's a superstar and the love that people give him is awesome. In my debut film, "Ye Maya Chesave" I had no idea of what was expected of me. In this film I felt the load of responsibility on me and had to live up to the expectations of my first hit. I was forced to grow up in this film.

After playing a demure role in "YMC", you play a bubbly girl in your new film. Do you think the audience will accept you in such a role?

>> After my first film I got a lot of roles that were similar to "YMC", but I can't be just doing Jessie Part I , Part II. I want to break free from that image. I want to be a versatile actor and want to do films that I can connect with.

Has success changed you?

>> Not at all. Success hasn't changed me. I'm still the same girl I used to be before "YMC" became a runaway hit. Only today I act more responsible when it comes to picking roles.

You are doing a film with Mahesh Babu. Are you nervous?

>> I'm looking forward to doing "Dhookudu" with Mahesh Babu, but I am also extremely nervous.

What next?

>> I have two Telugu films, but I'll talk about them when things are finalized. Right now I am concentrating on Telugu films and I have no Tamil films on hand.

Courtesy : Times of India

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