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Samanta wants to plan her career cautiously

After making her debut in ‘Ye Maya Chesave’, which turned out to be a big hit, Samanta got so many opportunities and producers queued up before her door with lots of offers.

However, she doesn’t want to accept whatever that comes in her way but decided t plan her career cautiously. Her second film ‘Brindaavanam’ also earned a positive talk and she is on cloud nine now.

Now, she is playing opposite Maheshbabu in 'Dookudu’ and is romancing with the hero in Turkey.

According to her, it is not the question whether it is the role of a city girl like Jessey (‘Ye Maya Chesave’), or like Indu (‘Brindaavanam’), the character should leave a mark in the hearts of audiences.

She says, ‘I am indebted to the Telugu audiences for giving me the star status as heroine by making two of my films big hits. I promise that I don’ t disappoint them by accepting characters that would remain as just glamour dolls.’

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  1. This is cool. Website for an actress? I like it. I watched Brindavanam just because Samantha is there. But she didn't have any great role; very disappointing.

    She really looked like an angel in her first movie; I do not watch too many movies. But recently EMC was being shown on the TV and my relatives were talking about the movie and Samantha; I wondered who is this girl.

    But when I watched, I was just stunned. Later I bought a DVD (that too original) and watched the movie. She is stunning in those starched sarees.

    Is she signing a movie with Ram? That will be cool.

    I wish her success and happiness in personal life too.

    But this whole movie industry is dominated by male chauvinist pigs still infested with feudal mentality.


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