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A Letter to Samantha - Dont quit Twitter.

Hi samantha,

Don't know whether you see this post or not.You tweeted me that you are seeing this blog,With that single hope i am posting this post.

I am here to mention one thing!.Many of your twitter followers are really worrying about the news that you quitted twitter. Some of your followers may hurted your feelings... we guys can understand.I think those may not come under even 5% of your followers. I am pretty sure about it! Then what about your rest of followers @samanthaprabu??? Recently you got 34,000+ followers with single film in telugu and two films in tamil.See the childish love of your followers expressing towards you. Especially some followers are really worrying about it.

I understand you got hurted with some tweets then why dont you BLOCK such ******* . Just ignore them and find true followers.

Ye Maaya Chesavo gani.......Intha pichi following ea heroine ki chudaledu with single movie in telugu.

Dont forgot that many of your followers eagerly waiting for your tweets. Because it is the only bridge which you can easily interact with your fans. Hoping that you will tweet one day.

- - On behalf of Samantha Fans


  1. wow great to hear this news
    term "childish love" is well used
    its nice my dear frnd(harsha)
    sam u should follow this now as ur going to rock infurthur films neva move out of ur fans

  2. :) Thank you Dinesh! Good Day!

  3. Please please please dont quit twitter sam. Ur our sweeeeetheart!!!

  4. Samantha why did u quit twitter? We beg u pls do come back to twitter. Love u darling! Pls pls pls sweetheart! It was the oly bridge for us fans to stay in touch wid u! Pls understand tge feelins of a sincere die hard core fan pls


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