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Lovely Interview with sammy !!!!!!

Albeit ‘YeMaya Chesave’ has hit the screens on a low profile, the film has achieved tremendous success. Meet the Jessy girl Samantha, the female lead of the film and get more insights.

Q. You hail from Telugu background?

Samantha – My paternal relatives come from Telugu background. My Mom is a Malayali and we speak Malayali and English. We settled in Chennai long time back.

Q. Can you speak Telugu?

Samantha – I can understand, I cannot speak, but I’m learning now. And I have mugged all my dialogues in ‘Ye Maya Chesave’. It was pretty easy.

Q. Tell us about your foray into film industry?

Samantha – When I was studying B.Com in Stella Maris College in Chennai, I did modeling for Naidu Hall Retail Shopping Mall. And then beckoned me a movie offer in Tamil and from there I got a call from Gautam Menon. Initially I was very afraid, but they have called me thrice and then I went for the auditions. I never thought I’d be selected. It’s all God’s grace.

Q. Do you believe in God?

Samantha – Very much! I do not offer prayers and perform poojas regularly, but I believe in almighty.

Q. Samantha is an interesting name! What does it mean?

Samantha – One who listens pleas and prayers

Q. Have you watched any Telugu films earlier?

Samantha – No, but I went to watch ‘Bommarillu’ with my friends when I heard that the film is really good. Though I did not understand the language, I could understand the emotions and sentiments. I also watched Trisha’s ‘Nuvvosthanante Nenoddantana’ in DVD. I like her a lot. And I’m really happy that Trisha also acted in ‘Ye Maya Chesave’.

Q. You were seen in Sarees and Chudidaars in your debut film ‘Ye Maya Chesave’. Will you continue the same?

Samantha – No! I don’t wear Sarees and Chudidaars in real life. I like to spot modern dresses. But Jessy’s character suits Sarees and Chudidaars and so I garbed them. If you observe, I don’t even have a makeup. Gautam Menon insisted on natural looks.

Q. You were initially afraid of Gautam Menon. But how could you cope with him?

Samantha – I relish watching Gautam Menon movies. And the heroine’s character will be very different and special. Gautam helped me a lot in acting and facial expressions I did exactly how Gautam showed me. I cannot forget the encouragement and morale boost he gave me.

Q. How about the lip locks with Nag Chaitanya?

Samantha – Nag Chaitanya is down to earth. He does not have any ego that he the son of a top hero (Nagarjuna). Since both have same age, we gelled well and he’s an energetic co-star. And for the lip locks, well, we have nothing to do with those scenes. We acted as per Gautam Menon’s instructions.

Q. Tell us about ‘Brindavanam’?

Samantha – I have to consider myself very lucky that each and every opportunity is coming my way. While I was shooting for ‘Ye Maaya Chesave’, ‘Brindavanam’ character was offered to me. I play indu in this film, a very good and a modern character.

Q. Have you done any acting course?

Samantha – No I did not. But I love A R Rahman’s music and I never thought that he would be the music director for my debut film. All my friends say that I dance very well, but my dancing skills will be tested with I shake my leg with NTR (giggles).

Q. Was there any scene in ‘Ye Maaya Chesave’ where you were really made to work hard?

Samantha – When Karthik visits me in Goa, I come down the stairs and it’s a very lengthy scecne. There are no cuts and I have said the dialogues without any prompting. I did that scene with lot of concentration. But I personally love the scene at America Central Park.

Q. What did your Parents say on seeing ‘Ye Maaya Chesave?’

Samantha – They did not see the film yet. They seldom watch films. In fact, initially they did not agree for my foray into films, but later I slowly convinced them.

Q. Who is your favorite actor?

Samantha – Surya is my favorite actor. I watch his films since my school days and he looks handsome.

Q. How do you prioritize films?

Samantha – My role and the script are my priorities. While I listen to the script, I can visualize my character and then decide on the film.

Q. Your dream project?

Samantha – Jessy character in ‘Em Maaya Chesav’ is a great character that no one would get for their debut film. I’m really lucky and if I say that I’m looking for any other character, that’s optimistic.

Q. People say that you look like Kamalini Mukherjee?

Samantha – Even I got the same complement I thought, during my college days, my friends are making fun of me, but now, if I look at myself, I reckon it’s true.

Q. You prefer Telugu or Tamil movies?

Samantha – I speak Tamil well. So I think I can have a future in Kollywood industry. First time I have applied make up was in Kollywood industry, but my first film was released in Telugu first and that’s why I’m eyeing Tollywood.

Many thanks Samantha for sharing all your thoughts…

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