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Samantha speaks all about Brindavanam!

I wait to see Ntr delivering his dialogue...

Only one movie is changing actors into stars today. There is no need to struggle for years, work for lot of movies. Beautiful Samantha is the best example for these statements. One should realize that, this Jessi has made magic to the extent that she managed to bag movies with top heroes Jr.NTR and Prince Mahesh Babu in the early stages of her filmy career. She has mesmerized audience with her beauty wrapped in sensible styling in the ‘Ye Maya Chesave’. Now she is part of BRINDAVANAM of Jr.Ntr...

Did you ever expect that you would become a star heroine with your very first movie?

I never expected it. I almost forgot my original name, because people now call me more Jessi. The role of mine made me extremely familiar to audience. The movie changed me a lot. It gave me success beyond my expectations.

It is hard task to maintain this status rite?

Yes in know it too. That is why I am behaving more possessive towards good scripts. There is no compromise when it comes to selecting a story. In fact I managed to get lot of offers after ‘Ye Maya Chesave’. I would have agreed to all of them if I want to increase my bank balance.

So, what do you consider the most before signing for a movie?

Story narrated by the director must be good enough; his style of making must be convincing and I should inculcate belief on him, I also consider whether the producers make his best or not. Well, hero will be always a significant consideration. When it comes to sharing screen space with top heroes like jr.ntr, there is no question of rejecting. I am ready to rock.

How do you feel for being paired up with Jr.Ntr in Brindavanam?

I never expected that I get this chance so early. Ntr is a fabulous actor. I just stick my eyes on him when he dances or delivers a dialogue. He finishes any shot in one take; there is no matter of another. If there is any answer without question, that is Jr.NTR.

Did you watch any NTR movies?

That is the first thing I did after signing for BRINDAVANAM. I watched almost all movies of Ntr such as ‘Adhurs’, ‘Yamadonga’, and ‘Student No.1’. It helped me as homework for BRINDAVANAM. I understood his style watching these movies.

Are your ‘Radha’ in Brindavanam?

To know this you must wait until the movie release. My name in the movie is Indu not Radha. ‘Brindavanam’ has given me lot of sweet memories. I got the precious opportunity to work with experienced actors, technicians.

Are there any scenes where you performed better than Kajal?

I do not compete with Kajal. She is very good at acting. In fact she is the best friend I have in film industry.

Who is your inspiration in this industry?

It is obviously Bollywood beauty Kajol. She is a natural actress and also she has a special attitude to which I am freak of.

You are not discussing about your upcoming with Prince?

It’s still unbelievable that I am going to act with Prince of Tollywood. I did not get out of the shock yet. I promised Srinu Vytla that I would not reveal the details regarding that project.

What do you think is necessary to do in order establish in this industry?

It doesn’t workout if you only depend either on glamour or acting. One should not work keeping particular limitations. We should mould ourselves according to the role given.

Did you have any special opinions about film industry before your entrance into cinemas?

One should be aware of particular industry before coming to an opinion on it. No opinion will stand without awareness. Well, after coming into movies I observed that industry in not so polluted as everyone is thinking. There is a healthy atmosphere here. I like it.

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