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Hello Sudeep fans - Eega releasing in Karnataka with eng subs

sudeep in eega

To all Sudeep fans in Karnataka i have a good news for you all. You all guys aware that Sudeep is playing a major role in the prestigious project Eega. And everyone knows that Sudeep is a big star in Kannada film industry. So by keeping this in mind Eega team is releasing the movie in Karnataka with english subtitles. So that every one can watch without the language problem. In addition to Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and Malayalam. Eega is also releasing in telugu with english subtitles. Eega team is planning to release with 100 telugu and major places have the english subtiles. 

Interesting fact is after Andhra Pradesh, Our Samantha has lot of following in Karnataka than Tamilnadu. Its Google insights fact.

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