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Hot Fight Between 'Richa-Samantha'

Catfights are a common feature in the film industry but thankfully it has not been that strong in the Tollywood circuit. But then, there is always an air of competition and insecurity which is on between the beauties since each day, fresh faces and sparkling stunners are entering the cine field. Right now, the duel is said to be between Richa of ‘Leader’ fame and Samantha of ‘Ye Maya Chesave’ fame. It is said that Richa is a natural beauty and her oomph factor is high which gives her an edge in creating a solid first impression when movie makers or producers meet her. On the other hand, Samantha has got a strong screen presence and she has already proved mettle in her acting. Her sweet and innocent looks is the right kind of package for the boys to fall for her. Right now, Samantha is few steps ahead with her plum offers so let us see how Richa will counter that. The people those have seen both Richa and Samantha off the screen say that Richa is hot and sexier and Samantha is just average. But when they go on to screen, Samantha scores far better than Richa!

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